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Reduce Your Risk

We animated this PSA for the Delaware County Health Department! It’s a great example of fast-paced animation aimed at a television-based audience.

Electric Mixer Truck

IMI is a concrete production company in Indiana that recently began implementing electronic mixer trucks into their fleet. We filmed and produced this video for them to showcase that new technology.

What is Evertel?

This animation for Evertel was all about explaining and demonstrating a messaging app to a potential customer base. 

Muncie Area Career Center

This PSA for the Muncie Area Career Center was part of a larger campaign of videos aimed at Delaware County high school students. We produced videos for each of the MACC focus areas and one for the program as a whole.

Republic Airways

Motion Graphics are an effective tool for delivering information in a flashy way. This piece is currently playing on an LED Wall for Republic Airways.

Launched from Launch

Launch Fishers is a coworking space with the goal of moving their members from up and out to bigger spaces. We produced several pieces focusing on companies who had moved through their program.

Start Smart: Immunizations

This Start Smart television spot is an example of the effectiveness of simple animation. The style was based on existing campaign graphic design and integrated with a client provided script. The magic is in the movement!

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