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Frequently Asked Questions

We produce a wide range of videos, including everything from Motion Graphic Animation to Web Content to Advertising Videos. Just visit Your Video Needs for more info.

While the exact process will differ depending your needs, our general production pipeline for a start-to-finish piece looks like this:

•Consultation and brainstorming



•Voiceover recording (if applicable)

•Filming or animation

•Editing and post-production


•Final delivery

Contact Us to get an idea of the steps and timeline for your project!

The time it takes to produce a video will depend greatly on many factors, such as the length of the video, the scope of the project, and the overall style of the piece. Typically, our video production process takes anywhere from several weeks to several months.

Contact Us to get an idea of the steps and timeline for your project!

Producing a video involves many components which differ on a project-by-project basis. The style of animation, the length of the finished piece, and our exact involvement in that process will all affect the final cost. That’s why we offer customized quotes based on our clients’ specific needs and budget.

We’re so glad you asked! We can create many animation styles, including explainer videos, multimedia motion graphicscharacter animation, and so much more! Head over to our Animation Styles page to check these out.

We work closely with our clients throughout the entire production process, from the initial consultation to final delivery. We provide regular updates and seek feedback to ensure that the video meets our clients’ expectations—and more importantly, provides value for their company or brand.

We use professional-grade equipment for filming, including a RED 8k camera, high-end lighting and audio equipment, and top of the line computers. And if there’s something we don’t have, we’ll make sure to rent it for your shoot to capture everything just the way you want it!

We sure do! We offer video editing services for clients who have existing footage and require professional editing to make it look polished and engaging. Just check out our Editing page for more info.

If you have a sample video with a style you like, we’re more than happy to work with you to create a video that looks and feels just like your sample. In fact, samples are a great way to begin the video ideation process. It’s often the best springboard into finding a custom style for your piece that works even better to reach your target audience!

To get started, simply hit the Contact button. It’s as easy as that! We’ll get in touch with you shortly afterwards so we can discuss your video production needs and how we can best help you accomplish your goals!

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